Temaundersøgelse - Practical application and usability of ECDIS (I høring)

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DMAIB has been collaborating with the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) in a study of ECDIS use to generate an understanding of the practical application and usability of ECDIS and support future ECDIS design, training strategies and the development of best practices. The study followed accident investigations that identified a mismatch in the way ECDIS was used compared to expectations and design intent. It adhered to a qualitative methodology, based on semi-structured interviews with 155 ECDIS users and observation data gathered between February and July 2018 during sea voyages in European waters on 31 ships of various types.

The study has successfully captured the views of ECDIS users, but before finalising the report of the study, the MAIB and DMAIB is consulting with key marine industry stakeholders and organisations. The aim of the consultation is not only to request comment on the study, but also to determine what lessons could be learned from the introduction of ECDIS with a view to making proportionate recommendations, bearing in mind the technical advancements and the moves towards further automization that are in progress.

The consultation ends on 2 June 2021 and the final report of the study is expected to be published soon after.